Silver-Gelatin Print Information


With the exception of vintage prints on fibre papers such as Oriental Seagull or Ektalure G, and newly made pictorial prints on Ilford MG Art or Matt fibre papers, all prints will be on double-weight Ilford MG Classic glossy fibre paper developed in Ansco 103 or Dektol.  All prints are fixed twice: first in a sodium thiosulfate bath acidified with sodium metabisulfite; followed by fixing in a plain sodium thiosulfate bath before washing, toning in an alkaline selenium bath, secondary washing, and air drying on fiberglass screens. All prints are dry-mounted on 60 pt. (4-ply), 100% acid and lignin-free, calcium carbonate-buffered, bright white cotton rag boards from Archival Methods in Rochester, New York. The dry mounting tissue will normally be Bienfang ColorMount tissue or an equivalent tissue.  The mats are of the same material as the mounts.  The backing boards are archival corrugated E-flute boards also supplied by Archival Methods.  In all cases, the mounts and backing boards are stamped on the verso with black Sanford ink, and the title of the image, the dates of the negative and print, and negative and print numbers where applicable are written in pencil inside the stamped area on the mount and in pH-neutral ink on the corrugated backing boards. The work is signed on the front in pencil as seen in the example below.  All photographs are finished in style 111 matte black aluminum metal-section frames with single-strength glass (silver frames, also in style 111, are available upon request), and a letter containing important information about the print and instructions for its care is included with each photograph.



Prices for framed silver-gelatin prints

Newly made pictorial prints ~ 6x9 (finished to 14x18)     ..........  $  400

(for vintage pictorial prints on Ektalure G finished

to 14x18, please inquire as to availability and price)       .........   $ 1500 minimum

 8x10 contact prints (finished to 14x18)                           ..........  $  400
Enlargements to ~ 11x14 (finished to 16x20)                  ..........  $  650
Enlargements to ~ 16x20 (finished to 20x24)                  ..........  $  850
Enlargements to ~ 18x22 (finished to 24x30)                  ..........  $1000

Enlargements to ~ 20x24 (finished to 29x32)                  ..........  $1200 

Personal checks, cashier's checks, and money orders are the only forms of payment accepted.  Cash, credit cards, PayPal and similar methods of payment are not accepted.  Cryptocurrencies are not accepted.  Digital files are not available for sale.  Prices listed above do not include shipping charges.  Shipping costs vary depending on destination and weight.  Buyer pays actual shipping charges.  To order or inquire, please contact me here.



All images on this website are copyright © Norman E. Riley 2021.  All rights are reserved.  No image from this site may be reproduced by any manner in any medium without prior written permission from the photographer.  If you are interested in obtaining a print from me or using one of my photographs for a commercial or non-profit purpose, please contact me here

The purchase of a print or loan of an image does not confer copyright to the recipient. 

Here are some useful sources of information, materials, and services for photographers:

Aperture:  Founded 1952
Archival Methods:  Supplier of archival materials
Archival Processing of Black and White Photographs as Preventive Conservation: by Jesper Stub Johnsen
Archivart: Supplier of boards, papers, and other archival materials
Art & Architecture Thesaurus OnLine: Courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum

Art Collecting: Comprehensive guide to art galleries and museums in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America
Artcraft Chemicals:  Photographic chemical supplier
ArtGrafix: Dry mounting equipment
ASTM, BS, DIN, ISO, and JIS standards for photographic materials and processes  
Berlebach:  Wood tripods from Germany
Bienfang/Seal Products (now D&K Group). Dry mounting tissues and other framing supplies  
Bogen Imaging/Manfrotto Distribution:  Manfrotto and Gitzo tripods
Bogen Tripod Parts: Bogen and Manfrotto tripod & head replacement parts
Bulbman:  Source for enlarger lamp replacements
Camera Leather:  Pimp your handheld
Camera Retirement Home:  Useful information regarding vintage light meters and other appurtenances - by James Ollinger

Camera Work: Digitized copies of all editions from 1903-1917, courtesy of the Modernist Journals Project, Brown University
CIA World Factbook:  Get the facts before you travel abroad
City Data:  Get the facts before traveling the U.S.  
CollectiBlend: Antique, classic and used cameras/lenses price guide
Copal Shutters: Specifications for Copal shutters (from the website)
Competitive Edge: Source for replacement lamps and for dry-mounting supplies
Conservation Resources International:  Supplier of archival materials  
Cooke Optics Ltd: Large format lenses from England
Custom Bellows: Source for new and replacement bellows - Birmingham, England
eBay Cameras & Photography:  Caveat emptor
Fletcher: Substrate cutting
Flutot's Camera Repair:   Shutter service and repair - Whittier, CA
Freedom of Panorama: A discussion of rules in the USA and abroad regarding photographing architectural subjects
George Eastman House (Eastman Museum)
Glazer's Camera:  A proper photo supply store in Seattle, WA  
Gralab:  Timing Devices
Graphics Atlas:  Information regarding the identification and characterization of prints and photographs
Guide to Fiber-Base Gelatin Silver Print Condition and Deterioration by Gawain Weaver
Hollinger Metal Edge:  Supplier of archival materials
Ilford B&W Films and Papers:  Specifications for films and papers from England
International Center for Photography
Kerry's Large Format Homepage:  Information on Fujinon and other lightweight lenses
Kodak Safelight Filters: Technical data sheets for different safelight filters
Lamination Depot: A source for dry mounting tissue and related supplies
Large Format Lens Specifications: Information from the Graflex website, covers 47-800 mm lenses
LensWork: Bimonthly photography publication
Library of Congress - Prints and Photographs Division:  Online catalog
Life - Your World in Pictures:  Iconic images
Logan Graphic Products: Mat cutters
Mounting Board Information: 1987 essay by Steven Saitzyk
Nielsen:  Metal section frames
Ohaus:  Balances and scales for the darkroom
OmegaBrandess: Distributor of numerous photographic products
Omega Enlarger Guide:  Information about Omega enlargers from KHB Photografix of Ontario, Canada
Origins and Development of Dry Mounting: 1993 essay by Stephanie Watkin
Paterson Photographic: Developing trays and other darkroom supplies
Payless Lighting: Low-cost halogen lamps for your 8x10 enlarger
Peak Optics: Magnifiers, comparators, and loupes for inspection and measuring 2x to 300x
Photo-Eye: Photography bookstore
Photographic Negatives - Nature and Evolution of Processes: 2005 booklet by María Fernanda Valverde
Photogravure:  Art of the Photogravure
Photogravure Gallery
Photomemorabilia:  Excellent Ilford film chronology, review of MG papers, and other information
Photography and the Law: Wikipedia article covering some general legal aspects of photography
Picture Frames:  Source for metal-section frames
Print File: Supplier of archival materials
Quality Light Metric: The place to get your light meter recalibrated
Ries:  Wood tripods from the U.S.
Rodenstock Lenses for Large Format Cameras:  Specifications for Rodenstock lenses from Germany
Rodenstock Lenses Enlarging and Reproduction:  Specifications for Rodenstock's process lenses  
Rodenstock Serial Numbers by Age:  Information from the website
Rotatrim:  Trimmers  from England
Rubber-Cal:  Supplier of sheet rubber
Schneider Optics: Specifications for Schneider-Kreuznach large format lenses from Germany
Seeing With Photography Collective:  Impressive work by visually-impaired photographers in New York City

Shen Hao Professional Camera Company:  Large format cameras from Shanghai, China
Shorpy Archive:  Exceptional images available through the Juniper Gallery in Madison, Alabama
S.K.Grimes:  Lens and shutter machinist
Specialty Bottle: A source for Boston Rounds and other containers for the darkroom
Stouffer Industries, Inc:  Transmission step wedges
Talas:  Professional archival, bookbinding, conservation and restoration supplies
Ted Pella, Inc: Spoons and spatulas for the darkroom
Time and Date: Clocks, calculators, astronomical events, weather data, and other information for the photographer
Toning Black and White Materials: Kodak Technical Publication, May 2006
Tru Vue:  Supplier of museum glass and other specialty glazing materials
ULine: Clear plastic bags and other shipping supplies
United Manufacturer's Supplies, Inc.:  Framing tools and supplies
University Products:  Supplier of archival materials
USC Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 120:  United States law regarding exclusive rights in architectural works
U.S. Census Bureau - State and County QuickFacts:  Contemplating relocation?
U.S. Copyright Office
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum - Remember Me: Displaced Children of the Holocaust
U.S. Plastic Corporation:  Supplier of developing trays and other items for the darkroom
WeatherSpark: Essential and reliable information for the landscape photographer  
Weather Underground: An alternate source of weather information for the landscape photographer
Wilhelm Imaging Research:  Academic papers regarding the preservation and care of negative and prints

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